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Privacy Policy

Use of the Service is also governed by our Privacy Policy, a copy of which is located below. By using the Service, you consent to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Our website's and Apps' registration and query requires users to give us personal information such as their name, email and demographic information such as their address and telephone number. The user's personal information is used to contact the user as and when necessary. This personal information also allows us to inform the users about updates to the service and further additions on See Sound Live website and Apps. We collect personal information from user when they register on See Sound Live’s website or Apps, or when they submit a query to us. We maintain this information as private to the best of our ability.

When a user practices learning to speak on our App, his or her speech efforts are recorded and compared to previously recorded standards. The algorithm then scores the users performance in speaking a particular sound or word. The App also captures the teacher’s report of the performance. These reports are displayed on the ‘Performance reports’ and ‘Rewards sections’ of the App. They are permanently stored on Servers supporting the App. See Sound Live’s Admin accounts have access to this information and the same are analysed and used to determine trends in the users. See Sound Live reserves the right to use this information to publish reports and trends. However, all personal information such as names, address, telephone numbers etc. are kept confidential to the best of our ability. 

In case of Research Accounts, the Primary Investigator or whoever he or she delegates, is given access to their own cohort of users. Research Accounts are bound by Research proposals, ethical approvals etc. The responsibility for user confidentiality in case of Research Accounts rests with the Primary Investigator and his organisation and not 4S Medical Research P Ltd for that particular account.