See Sound Live

Deaf can speak !!

Frequently asked questions.

1 - How effective is See Sound Live?

See Sound Live is an assistive technology in evolution. Early trials have confirmed that See Sound Live is absolutely safe to use for children and adults.

We encourage you to find out more about See Sound Live before using it. We are happy to speak to your carers - Teachers, Therapists, School or Doctor if you would like us to. 

Children love using this smart phone app. and typically like to practice learning how to speak for 45 minutes to an hour at a time. Early results are very encouraging. About 1200 profoundly deaf children used this app for about 20 minutes daily and achieved fairly impressive ability to speak small sounds like Mama and Papa in a matter of weeks.
(IIPME BIRAC report 2019, SBIRI BIRAC report 2020 - 4S Medical Research P Ltd; Singh S et al. )

2 - How can I get this app? How much does it cost?

See Sound Live is still undergoing assessments and trials and is not offered commercially on Play Store etc.

However, given that its effectiveness is proving to be promising and its safety has been established, we are happy for you to download the app. 
Visit the Download page ( in your phones browser.

Although See Sound Live is not made available commercially, cost of development and maintenance is partly realized from its users. 
Level 0 & Level 1, Module 1: FREE, 
Module 2-6: $ 100, payable in the app 

3 - Will See Sound Live help me learn speak fluently?

See Sound Live is currently under development. Initial experience has been very encouraging. Safety profile is well established. We feel that if you try using See Sound Live, you should be able to get early results in speech development that will encourage you to try more. More you practice, better you will get at it. We still don't know how long you will need to practice to get optimal outcomes but based on what is known of the science so far, we have recommended several levels and modules and encourage you to progress up these modules one by one.

As you develop the ability to speak orally, the new found vocabulary will come very handy when combined with sign language to communicate.

However, you must consult your Doctor / Teachers / Therapists / Rehabilitation experts before deciding on using See Sound Live. 

4 - What is the ideal age for See Sound Live?

See Sound Live is ideal for a school going deaf child aged 5 years and more who relies entirely on sign language and is unable to develop speech with the help of hearing aids or cochlear implantation. Higher age is no barrier for using See Sound Live since See Sound Live uses your brain's visual processing skills to develop speech. With age, the brains visual processing skills in children relying on sign language only gets better.

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